10 Beginner Embroidery Tutorials

With handcrafts making a huge comeback right now, there are many people who are interested in giving embroidery a try. To help you get started we have rounded up ten tutorials that will have you stitching up a masterpiece in no time.

  1. This vlog from Call Her Happy has all of the basics to get you started on hand embroidery.
  2. If machine embroidery interests you, this tutorial from Sewing Machine Fun on how to use an embroidery machine can help.
  3. Sewing Machine Fun also has this beginner’s guide to machine embroidery stabilizer.
  4. Have a boring t-shirt you want to jazz up with embroidery?  This beginner tutorial from Sewing Machine Fun will help you out.
  5. Stitch Floral has a wonderful beginner’s guide to needle painting.
  6. The Embroiderer’s Guild of America has a beginner’s guide to the five embroidery stitches.
  7. Stay on track with your embroidery with these tips from Cutesy Crafts
  8. Treasurie brings your the basics to hand embroidery.
  9. Crewel Ghoul has a handy list of embroidery mistakes to avoid.
  10. If punch needle is something you are interested in, this beginner’s guide from marching North is what you need.

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