10 Free Scrap-Busting Christmas Quilt Patterns

I honestly believe that it is fun to make Christmas quilts all year round.  They are a nice reminder of the holidays and they are a great option for gift-giving.  If you have a lot of fabric on hand and don’t want to spend a fortune on new fabrics or patterns then this list is for you.  Here are 10 free scrap-busting Christmas quilt patterns that you are sure to love.

  1. Show off your scraps with this easy isoceles triangle retro quilt.  The green background in the photos really sets off those holiday novelty fabrics.
  2. Filled with sparkling Christmas stars, this beautiful pattern shines!
  3. For a modern twist on the Christmas tree you may want to try out this chevron design.
  4. About as scrappy as triangles can get, this quilt twinkles with all of the different fabrics used.
  5. Easily made with some of your holiday fabric stash, this festive design almost looks like poinsettias.
  6. This design in large diamonds shows off the holiday fabrics perfectly.
  7. Here’s an easy and charming quilt pattern to get you in the mood for Christmas.
  8. The scrappier the better in my opinion, and this beautiful Christmas tree is all about scrap-busting.
  9. The sawtooth stars in this beautiful quilt will make it the star of your holiday decor!
  10. Here’s another version of a Christmas stars quilt in two color waves which make it quite striking.


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