10 Hand Beading Embroidery Projects

Beading in projects adds an incredible dimension to a piece.  With all of the colors and bling available, beading is quickly gaining popularity among crafters.  Try one of these ten stunning projects that include beading in them.  You’ll even find some tips along the way.

  1. This tutorial shows you how to make those gorgeous Anthropologie-inspired earrings that are all the rage right now.
  2. You will find some gorgeous beaded earrings in this free tutorial that includes step-by-step photos and instructions.
  3. Learn how to add freeform beading to your next project with this helpful how-to guide.
  4. Add this beautiful beaded fern stitch to your embroidery repertoire.
  5. Combine felt and bead embroidery to make a unique and stunning brooch.
  6. Learn how to count the peyote bead stitch in this tutorial.
  7. You’ll have a Whale of a time making this charming beaded whale brooch.
  8. Make a lovely beaded leaf brooch when you follow this tutorial’s helpful photos.
  9. This handy article and video tells you all about adding beaded bling to your projects.
  10. For something totally different and stunning, try adding beading bezel to a cabochon.

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