11 Sweet Smelling Strawberry Soaps You Can Make At Home

Strawberry is such a fun scent, it’s summery and fresh and a great idea for handmade gifts. Strawberry is really popular with teenagers and kids as it is quite a sweet candy-like smell, often used in perfumes and scented candles too.

So all of these recipes use Strawberry as their main fragrance. This is my all-time favorite strawberry fragrance oil. Lots of craft supply stores sell oils so if you can go in and do a sniff test to see if it suits your nose. Don’t be fooled into buying strawberry essential oil as there is no such thing. There are only synthetic or imitation strawberry scents out there.

For extra special pizazz on your soaps make Strawberry soap embeds for a real strawberry look on top of your handmade soaps. Here are some great silicone strawberry molds

and strawberry soap pigment.

I am not actually a big fan of the strawberry scent, or imitation strawberry flavors either. I am going to put it down to spilled frgrant oil post-traumatic stress. When I was a child my mother did lots of crafts and one of those she sold was fragrant dolls, and somehow a bottle of strawberry fragrant oil was smashed in the car. That smell was so strong one whiff gave you headaches, I am not even exaggerating when I tell you that car smelled like Strawberry for another 5 years. But don’t let me stop you on your strawberry journey.

I have included 11 variations of Strawberry scented soaps below.

Strawberry Lime Loaf Cake 

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Strawberry Pie Soap Tutorial

Melt-and-Pour Soap, a Shortcut to Making Your Own Soap

Strawberries & Cream Soap: A cold process tutorial

Sparkling Strawberry Melt and Pour Bars

strawberry patch soap recipe –

Strawberry Rose Soap 

Chocolate Strawberry Soap

DIY Strawberry Soap Making Tutorial · The Inspiration Edit

Homemade Strawberry Scented Mini Heart Soaps


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