12 Fabric Easter Basket Free Sewing Patterns

Make an Easter basket that kids will love when you sew it from scratch!  When you sew a fabric Easter basket, you can choose exactly the colors and prints that suit your child’s personality.  And you can use the basket year after year for a handmade Easter tradition. 

Baskets are not as hard to sew as you’d think they’d be.  The construction is actually pretty simple.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to add extra personality with details.  We’ve rounded up 12 sewing tutorials showing how you can make your own fabric Easter baskets.  There are even a couple of no-sew tutorials if you’re short on time.

12 Fabric Easter Basket Free Sewing Patterns

These fabric Easter baskets are all so cute!!  And they’ll be even more fun once they’re filled with eggs, and the Easter bunny has visited and left treats in them!

Mini Easter Basket Sewing Pattern by Polka Dot Chair

[photo credit: Polka Dot Chair]

Ruffled Easter Baskets by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

[photo credit: Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom]

Make a Fabric Easter Basket Tutorial by Melly Sews

[photo credit: Melly Sews]

Fabric Basket and Eggs Tutorial by Diary of a Quilter

[photo credit: Diary of a Quilter]

DIY Bunny Baskets by Heather Handmade

[photo credit: Heather Handmade]

Adorable No-Sew Felt Easter Basket (With Template) by Sustain My Craft Habit

[photo credit: Sustain My Craft Habit]

How to Sew a Fabric Easter Basket by Brother

[photo credit: Brother]

Fabric Easter Basket by V and Co for Moda Cutting Table

[photo credit: Moda Cutting Table]

Tiny Fabric Easter Basket by Crafty Staci

[photo credit: Crafty Staci]

DIY Duck and Bunny Easter Basket by Sew Simple Home

[photo credit: Sew Simple Home]

Fabric Bunny Basket – Free Pattern by xoxo Grandma

[photo credit: xoxo Grandma]

DIY Woven Fabric Easter Basket From Scratch by Dream a Little Bigger

[photo credit Dream a Little Bigger]


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