13 DIY Christmas Holiday Stockings You Can Quilt

This Christmas roundup is for making your own DIY quilted Christmas Stockings. I have included both paid and free Christmas stocking patterns.

For many families, the tradition of filling up a stocking at Christmas time is something that is very special and cherished. It’s a time to share some laughs, stories, and love with those we care about most. But why is this tradition so important? Many families believe that the tradition of filling up a stocking comes from the Bible. In the Bible, Christmas is called the “Day of Gift Giving.” On this day, Jesus was born, and his birth was a sign of hope for the world. So, for many families, Christmas is all about giving and sharing.

But even beyond the religious significance of Christmas, stocking filling is a fun tradition that can help families connect. Whether it’s sharing a joke with your family or just getting to know each other better, filling up a stocking can be a great way to spend Christmas day. So, whether you’re a traditionalist or you’re just looking for a fun tradition to do with your family this Christmas, be sure to fill up a stocking!

Free Quilted Christmas Stocking Patterns

Tutorial: “Easy” quilted Christmas stocking

Free Quilted Christmas Stocking Pattern – Sarah Maker 

Easy Quilted Christmas Stocking Tutorial – Diary of a Quilter – a quilt blog

FREE Quilted Christmas Stocking Pattern

Frozen Knickers: DIY: christmas stocking with cuff tutorial by FrozenKnickers

Quilt As You Go Christmas Stocking Tutorial

Quilt as you Go Stocking  

Sew Lux Fabric : Blog: Scrappy Spiral Stocking Tutorial

Cuffed Christmas Stocking Sewing Pattern: Free Pdf – Gluesticks Blog

Paid and Etsy Patterns

Quilted Christmas Stocking Pattern

More Christmas Stocking patterns on Etsy 

Video tutorials 

Easy Quilted Christmas Stockings (Beginner friendly tutorial!)

How to make a Quilted Christmas Stocking



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