20 Snuggly Toy Cat Crochet Patterns

This roundup is a follow-up from the Cat Afghan post a few months ago. Cat patterns are surprisingly popular so we knew we had to feature some more fun crochet cats.

A domestic cat is 95.6 percent tiger genetically of course that does not apply to these Crochet kittens, they are 99% CUTE!

Cats may reach speeds of up to 48 kph (30 mph) over short distances. In the 200 meter dash, a domestic cat may beat celebrity runner Usain Bolt, and again, not these ones. The best thing about these cat’s is they can’t wander off, no standing at the door calling these strays back into the house.

All of these crochet links will take you directly to the patterns, some of these crochet patterns are free and some are paid, I have tried to include a little of everything.

Zini Cat 

Pickles the Calico Cat

Chubby Nyan Cat 

Pillow Cat 

Elon Stargazer Cat

Mermaid Cat 

Pusheen Cat 

Arturo the Sleepy Cat

Crochet Cat With Heart 

Cat In a Snowman Hat Crochet Pattern

Alfred the Cat Crochet Pattern

Crochet Whispurr the Cat

Crochet Culles the Curtain Tie Cat

Crochet Peaches the Cat

Crochet Ivan the Cat Rug

Crochet Andrew the Cat

Crochet Hutch the Cat

Crochet Kiki Pillow

Pouncer the Cat


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