A Celebratory Note from the Editor – Wrangling in the New Season!

Ah, yes. It’s that time of year again. Summer is slowly starting to fade as autumn starts to peek through the chilly winds and falling leaves. The bittersweet moment you realize that summer is disappearing for the year once again far too soon, but just in time for a pleasant change in scenery.

But, fear not. The pumpkin spice flavours, drinks, scents, and recipes start to fall everywhere around you. What a comforting way to bring in the fall, yes? Not to mention Halloween is right around the corner too!

I’m going to make this a small series to celebrate the return of autumn, and because there are SO MANY recipes for pumpkin spice everything, I’ll be doing themed posts once a week relating to pumpkin spice and one post a week relating to Halloween, all the way up to Oct 31.

So, as a way to kick this series off, let’s start with this extremely easy, delicious looking pumpkin spice and pecan cream cheese spread for your favourite breads and bagels.

As the recipe states, you can even add it to apple slices. Mmmmm! Visit McCormicks to get the full recipe and directions.


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