A Colorful Way to Knit a Shawl

I once knit part of a scarf with little odd balls of yarn, and every time I changed color I also changed stitch pattern.

That’s the exact idea behind the Color Adventure Shawl, designed by Tonia Lyons, but instead of using odd balls it calls for a yarn with really long color runs.

You could do a similar thing if you have longish bits of leftovers from other projects, but it’s not quite the same. The pattern does give suggestions for how much of each yarn you might like to have in order to make it work with stash. But you do lose a bit of the excitement of not knowing when you will change colors.

Either way this is a pretty and fun shawl that uses fingering weight yarn and lots of easy stitch patterns to make a really cool shawl.

You can get the pattern on Knitty.

[Photo: Tonia Lyons.]


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