A Customizable Cardigan for When You Want to Get Cozy

Cardigans are my go-to for layering, and I actually have a couple that I wear around the house, on top of other sweaters in winter or over whatever I’m wearing the rest of the year (I’m cold a lot of the time).

The Elina Cardigan from Gabrielle Vézina is a great cozy cardigan that you could knit up lots of different ways for different looks. The original uses sport weight yarn and mohair held together, but you could use heavier yarn held single.

The pattern offers two options for length, an optional belt, and comes in 11 sizes, from a 32.5 inch to 66 inch bust. You can choose to knit it with zero ease or up to 6 inches of positive ease — or even more if you like! It includes bobbles but I’ll bet you could leave those out, too, if that’s not something you like.

The pattern is available on Ravelry and LoveCrafts.

[Photo: Ariel Tarr © Gabrielle Vézina via Ravelry.]


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