A Few More Fun Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

I recently shared a few ideas for celebrating Pi Day with younger kids, but of course it’s also fun to do Pi Day with kids who are old enough to know what pi actually is.

You could have a pie making (or eating!) contest with older kids to celebrate, or have them write about their favorite kind of pie (pizza or otherwise).

Since numerical pi is kind of a code, you can make bracelets or beaded projects using the numbers of pi with beads in different colors to correspond to each number (so every 1 is green, every 2 is blue, for example) or make it simpler with one color for odd numbers and one for even numbers. Both are shown in this activity from Pink Stripey Socks.

You could also do the same color with different numbers of beads for each digit, for example you start with three beads of one color, then one of a different color, then four of another color and so on. Our Family Code has an example of this done in a necklace to 50 digits.

That post has more great pi related ideas you can do, including a color wheel activity, a graphing mosaic, perler bead suncatchers and more.

Rock Your Homeschool has a good collection of Pi Day printables for older kids, which includes a word search, coloring pages, a pie baking math activity, a page of pies to measure and a chart for measuring your own circular things, among other activities.

Finally, try your hand at some Pi-lish! This isn’t a real language but a way of writing or speaking where the words correspond to the digit in pi. So a sentence written in Pi-lish would start with a three-letter word, then a one-letter word, then four, then one, then five and so on. Royal Baloo has printables for practicing your Pi-lish and ultimately writing a poem in this style.

[Photo: Pink Stripey Socks.]


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