About Us

CraftConnect was originally developed by an avid crafter named Linda. The concept began in the mid-1990s as Linda decided to move her physical store online. Over the years much has changed and sadly, Linda passed on. This rebuilt site follows her vision and was developed to bring crafters together.

Located in the beautiful state of Wisconsin, craft connect continues down the path envisioned by its founder. We provide a membership driven site that allows crafters to build a community and connect across the Internet.

Crafter is a big description. We welcome all people who build things with their hands and their talent. This could mean jewelry makers (like Linda), macramé, or anything that a crafter builds with a passion in small batches. So yes, a small brew maker is a crafter! If you built it with your hands and your own personal skill this is your site.

If you’d like to contact us, please fill in the form below. Better yet, create an account and start connecting with other crafters!

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