American Flag Cross Stitch Patterns

If you’re looking for an American flag cross stitch pattern to stitch for Flag Day, Fourth of July or any other patriotic holiday (or to have around all year) here are some great options.

This vintage American flag from has a distressed look and features stars in a circle. It was designed by Ursula Michael and uses 10 colors.

Annie’s has this stunning flag and eagle cross stitch project, which is great for intermediate or advanced stitches. has a simple free American flag pattern you can work in three colors.

The Quaker Flag from The Stitcherhood uses flower motifs for the stars and stripes. It uses three colors and you can find it at Everything Cross Stitch.

Another fun vintage sampler style flag is this design from My Treasure Island on Etsy. It’s a big project that fits in an 8×10 frame and uses a different pattern for each of the stripes.

Miltary X Stitch has a pretty waving flag pattern that is free to download and easy to stitch.

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