Artist Spotlight! Lindsey Thomas, Needle Felting Artist

All images courtesy of Lindsey Thomas. Via Creative Boom submission.

Lindsey Thomas, Needle Felter

The best way to be inspired is to look for inspiration, and when we feel a bit stuck in our rut of making the same kinds of things over and over I love to get out there and see what everyone else is doing.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about copying someone elses work, but there is so much amazing inspiration online these days you can come across things you would never have even thought of doing.  Take Lindsey Thomas for example, perhaps you already make cute animals and you’re looking to step up your game a little.  How about putting them on a bike?  Or in a rowboat, or maybe just adding a hat and a balloon would create a change you love.

Lindsey has been making her unique style of animals since 2012 and I came across her work at the blog I’m going to link here:  Creative has a selection of her work and a little info on her, but also links to her website so I’ll reference that as well.

Cats in Fish on Wheels

You have to love the unusual ideas and amazing quality of her work, Lindsey keeps you guessing at what she might do next as you peruse her wonderful  galleries.  You can also join her Facebook page here to see updates and find out when items are added to her shop.  Her printed cards are made from photos of her work too, so even if your favourite piece has already sold you can own some sweet cards made from the image!

I just love looking at these photos in detail, they way she has created her eyes, the details on the cats faces, how she has shaped the giraffe on his bike.  All these things are excellent inspiration, so be wide eyed and look for the joy and excitement in each glorious piece of felted inspiration you come across and learn every day!

Happy Felting


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