Bags to Knit for Your Travels

There are all sorts of different bags you can knit, from project bags to market totes to makeup bags and beyond. I love the idea of bringing knitting with you on your travels, both in terms of having knitting projects to work on as you go, but also in using knit travel bags.

The Bar Harbor bag from Berroco is super cute and perfect for stash busting. It comes in two sizes, with the larger one being perfect for makeup or knitting tools, while the little one can hold your keys and some cash, or be used as a coin purse.

Speaking of coin purses, the only time I seem to use one is when traveling because you never know when you might need coins for a parking meter or to pay a toll. This sweet coin purse knitting pattern from Darling JAdore on Etsy is easy to knit and has a classic shape, finished up with a sweet little clasp. It uses light weight yarn. 

Need a place to store your travel documents while you’re on the go? The Travel Bag by Anna Cohen is a perfect little project for that. It has a clear window for displaying a conference badge or ID, and is a button pouch that can hold all your essential documents. It can be worn around the neck or the waist for extra security. You can get the pattern on Ravelry.

My lie-flat drawstring bag is a great one for all sorts of essentials, from makeup to storing a small project. The great thing about this one is you can make it any size you like, with any yarn you have on hand. I’m planning to make a scrap yarn version really soon!

And if you need a bag to hold all your other bags, and everything else you need for a weekend away, check out the Medallion Travel Bag from Nora J. Bellows. This colorwork bag is worked with two strands of worsted-weight yarn

held together, and it is felted for extra strength and durability. You can find the pattern on Ravelry.

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