Book Review: Lit Stitch

I feel like being a cross stitcher and a book lover tend to go hand in hand. And even if you’re not personally a big reader, you probably know someone who is and who you might like to stitch for.

Lit Stitch: 25 Cross Stitch Patterns for Book Lovers

, is full of fun and often snarky book-themed projects, including bookmarks and wall hangings.

Book Riot is listed as the author, but the cross-stitch charts were designed by Shawna Tang.

The book opens with an introduction to the necessary materials; how to cross stitch, backstitch and work without knots; how to work with floss and fabric; and finishing skills like washing, framing or making a bookmark out of your project.

Each pattern is presented over four pages. The first spread includes a photo of the finished project and a little introduction, while the remaining pages include the chart (in color) and a list of the colors of thread that were used.

The patterns do not include the finished size of the project, which would have been helpful. While you can count up the number of rows and stitches on the chart, you shouldn’t have to just to figure out what size cross stitch fabric you need to complete the project. Especially when the bookmark patterns say things like “cut your piece of fabric to about 2.5 times the finished width of the bookmark” when you don’t know how big that should be since you don’t know how big the stitching area is.

It’s not enough to keep you from stitching them if that’s your thing, but it is something to think about.

The patterns definitely have a snarky bent to them, with sentiments like “I read dead people,” “readers resist” and “book worm” written on knuckles like a tattoo. There are some more general ones like “treat your shelf” or just the word “books” on a bookmark. I found a video showing a flip through if you want to take a peek at the patterns.

About the book: 144 pages, paperback, 25 patterns. Published by Abrams Books, 2020. Suggested retail $19.99.

Get the book here: Lit Stitch: 25 Cross Stitch Patterns for Book Lovers


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