Candlemaking – How to Make Candles


Candlemaking – How to Make Candles

Candlemaking has been one of the oldest forms of creating light and heat. This was a great way to light the house and keep warm. It also provided an inexpensive way to provide comfort, some warmth during the colder months and some warmth in the summer when we needed it the most. So why do we candle makers still make candles? Well there are many reasons. In this article I want to look at 3 of the main reasons.

The first is the pleasure of being creative with something we enjoy. Artisans are drawn to candlemaking for many reasons, the first is because it offers the opportunity to make something they are passionate about. A good artisan will always have an idea of what type of candles to make. Whether it be candles that feature floral scents or scented soaps that can be added to make delightful aromas for your home or candles that burn a wick similar to a campfire, an artist can be extremely innovative.

Secondly there are the health benefits of candlemaking. Pillar candles and votive candles are low in fat and contain less sugar than most other types of candles and candle products. These factors lead to healthier choices for us all. As we move into the winter season where the number of colds and flu outbreaks seems to be more than normal it makes sense to take a closer look at pillar candles and their wicks.

Most candles are produced using paraffin or stearic acid which is generally recognized as the safe standard for candles. However there are now alternative candlemaking materials that are being made such as soy and gel candles. Soy and gel candles use natural plant oils instead of paraffin to burn and they are much healthier. There is also now the possibility of using mica instead of paraffin in your candles. Some people have opted to create candles that have a very earthy aroma such as oakmoss or sandalwood.

It is essential that your candle making setup is well equipped. Without this it will not be possible to produce a professional looking candle. One thing that you will want to consider before purchasing your equipment is whether you prefer glass or plastic containers to hold your wax. Both containers are popular but the glass is the clear winner when it comes to candlemaking safety as it allows you to see what you are doing. When it comes to wicks the beeswax wicks tend to be the safest but it must be checked regularly to ensure they are burning efficiently.

If you are new to candlemaking it may be wise to purchase your equipment in a kit so that you can learn the process step by step. These kits contain everything that you need from the beeswax candles to the beeswax melt. You do not have to worry about candlemaking supplies as there are so many websites online where you can buy all the materials that you need to make pillar candles or votive or gel candles. You will need the basic supplies such as a mold for the base of your candle, thermometer, pouring spoon and wick.

If you want to create soy candles you will need to purchase a soy wax melt which is quite costly. However, once you have mastered the art of candle making you may wish to consider making these candles yourself. There are many instructions available on how to melt your own soy wax and it does not take a great deal of time to do so.

Once you have the beeswax and wax melt that you wish to use for your candlemaking project you will need to prepare a mold by pouring melted wax into a saucepan. Place your mold into your pre-heated oven and allow it to cool before removing it. You will now have a solid base upon which to build your wicks. The amount of wicks that you are able to make will depend on the desired thickness of your candle.

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