Celebrate Earth Day with Kids

Earth Day is a great time to get kids talking about and thinking about the environment, and it might even be starting to get warm enough where you live to do some activities outside. Here are some great Earth Day activities for kids to do. 

Books are always a welcome part of any unit study or special day celebration. Check out this list of Earth Day related books from Views from a Stepstool if you don’t have a book or several you already like for this purpose (our favorite when my daughter was younger was Arthur Turns Green.

Preschoolers love songs, and this Earth Day song from Fantastic Fun and Learning covers some easy ways to help the planet that even little ones can try.

Help kids understand what a carbon footprint is and the things we do daily to contribute to it with this lesson from Kitchen Counter Chronicles. Or talk about and play with animal habitats with these ideas from Natural Beach Living.

Since Earth Day happens in the spring, it’s a great time to start some seeds. Learn how to turn juice boxes into containers for seed starting with the instructions from Modern Parents Messy Kids.

Of course you can also plant in egg shells, which has added cuteness if you grow grass in them! See how at STEAMsational.

Another cute upcycle is to take old egg cartons and use them in a tree art project. This idea comes from Glued to My Crafts Blog. Or you can make a garland out of old newspaper, like this one from Kitchen Counter Chronicles.

These earth salt dough necklaces are a cute and easy way for kids to show their love for the planet. Make them with instructions from Natural Beach Living. And Non Toy Gifts has a great handprint Earth Day craft kids can make at home or a whole classroom can do.

As we learn about caring for the earth, that can mean taking care of animals, too. Make a bird feeder out of an old cardboard roll (via The Resourceful Mama) or using craft sticks (Surviving a Teacher’s Salary). While you’re outside, do a nature walk and an Earth Day scavenger hunt like this one from Mom on the Side.

Looking for more Earth Day activities? Little Bins for Little Hands has another good roundup with printables and lots of great STEM ideas. And check out Buggy and Buddy’s list of meaningful Earth Day activities for kids.

Printable Earth Day Origami

Print a Scavenger Hunt for Earth Day

Nature Crafts : Make Seed Balls for Earth Day

20 Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Looking for some books to pair with these crafts? Check these out.

Here are 10 fun facts for kids about Earth – 

  1. Earth is the third planet from the sun and the only known planet in the universe that can support life.
  2. Earth is about 4.5 billion years old and has been changing and evolving ever since it was formed.
  3. The Earth is mostly covered in water, with oceans making up about 71% of its surface.
  4. The Earth’s atmosphere is made up of a mixture of gases, including nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide.
  5. The Earth has a magnetic field that helps protect us from the harmful radiation of the sun.
  6. The Earth’s rotation on its axis causes day and night, and it takes about 24 hours for the Earth to complete one rotation.
  7. The Earth also orbits around the sun, and it takes about 365.25 days for the Earth to make one trip around the sun, which is why we have leap years.
  8. The Earth is home to millions of different species of plants and animals, each playing a unique role in our ecosystem.
  9. Climate change is a major concern for the Earth, as human activities are causing global temperatures to rise and affecting the planet’s natural systems.
  10. Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd to raise awareness about environmental issues and to promote conservation and sustainability efforts.


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