Celebrate Pi Day with Cross Stitch

Pi Day is a geeky math holiday (said with the utmost love) that happens every year on March 14 (because the date is 3.14, the beginning of the number for pi).

If you want to celebrate Pi Day, or just make something fun for the math lover (or pun lover) in your life, check out these cute Pi Day cross stitch patterns.

Talking of puns, of course it makes sense to turn your pi into a pie, which you can do with this design from The Kosher Stitcher, or this one from Mathysphere (both on Etsy). Both patterns look a bit like a cherry pie, but you can make them with whatever kind of filling you like.

How about a pi with rainbow sprinkles? This design from Stitch Love Happiness on Etsy looks like so much fun to stitch. It uses 11 colors and has a pixel-like look because of all the individual stitches of different colors. This makes it a little more difficult to stitch than a project done in neat rows of colors, but no one will ever know if you misplace a stitch! The project measures 92 by 82 stitches.

If your favorite pie is more of the pizza variety, there’s a Pi Day cross stitch pattern for you, too! This one suggests ordering some pizza pi. It’s from Hollie Day Stitches on Etsy and uses five colors of floss, which you can easily change up to match your decor.

While searching for patterns I also found this one that I shared a few years ago, which has the pi symbol and a border containing the first 40 digits of pi. You’ll have to scroll a bit on the pattern page to find it but it’s a great one to make for a math teacher or anyone else who can’t get enough pi!

Looking for more Pi day celebration ideas? Check out these 10+ Funny Pie Quotes and sayings for your Pi Day Crafts. If you have some of your own that you have used before, let us know via comments. Also check out our other craft ideas for celebrating Pi Day for older kids and Pi Day celebrations for little kids and our whole selection of Pi Day recipes for celebrations.

“I’m 3.14% sure that I love pie more than anything.”
“Have a ‘pie-tastic’ Pi Day!”
“I’ll love you ‘pi’ times over.”
“I hope your Pi Day is as infinite as pi itself.”
“It’s Pi Day – let’s get irrational!”
“3.14159265359… Happy Pi Day to all my math nerds out there!”
“Pie are not square, pie are round. Happy Pi Day!”
“What do you get when you take a bovine and divide its circumference by its diameter? Cow pi!”
“I’m not great at math, but I know how to celebrate Pi Day – with pie!”
“Why was the math book sad on Pi Day? Because it had too many problems.”
“What do you get when a bunch of sheep stand in a circle? Shepherd’s Pi.”
“Pi had its driver’s license revoked because it didn’t know when to stop.”


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