Classy pumpkin decorations for Halloween

halloween decorations felted wool pumpkins DIY tutorial free pattern download and step by steps from Sandy of Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts #halloweendecorations #halloween #pumpkins #tutorial #felt

How is your Halloween prep going?  Perhaps time is getting away from you and all those super complex ideas you had are starting to look like they might end up in the ‘too hard’ basket!  If that’s the case then these simple, yet elegant pumpkins might be just the thing you are looking for to brighten up your halloween table or add to an existing display.

Over at From Britain With Love you will find the free downloadable tutorial for these big, gorgeous pumpkins.  You can download and keep the well arranged and documented tutorial which is a lovely gift from them to you!

Not only that but you can also go to the video and see them being made right in front of you!  The 30 minute video shows you how to make a nice squishy felted pumpkin complete with leaf and stem!

You could make these any colour really, do you have colour theme for Halloween?  These could be any colour you like, what about black ones with spider webs on them?  Or green and purple?  The weirder the better I say!

Set of 3 Needle Felted Pumpkins - 8 colour choices - Grey Wren Studio

I think these are rather gorgeous!  And doesn’t it look great to have a whole bunch of them in one place?  I can just imagine them spilling over a log of wood or milling along a table!

Pumpkin Purple Jumbo Thanksgiving Needle Felt Lilac Wool Fall | Etsy | Felt pumpkins, Needle felting, Fall decor

And I was most pleased to find that purple is a thing! hehe  Yes there were actually a few purple pumpkins when I did a search for some!  So don’t let a silly thing like not having much orange fibre hold you back!  Go crazy with whatever you have or enjoy!  I mean, it’s Halloween after all, who says it has to make sense! 🙂

Happy felting!


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