Cozy Up with a Two-Stitch Blanket Knitting Pattern

As I write this we are bracing for cold, ice and snow where I live. It makes me super glad to have several great knit blankets just in case we have a power outage (or to snuggle in even if there’s still heat in the house).

If you’re in need of a super snuggly blanket, power outage or not, check out the Two Stitch Easy Knit Blanket from Mama in a Stitch.

The two stitches in question are Garter Stitch and Moss Stitch, so this is a great pattern for a new knitter who is practicing knits and purls, or anyone who wants a simple, meditative project.

It’s worked in various colors of Skein Tones, or you can use any worsted weight yarn of your choice. There are baby blanket and lap afghan options.

You can grab the free pattern from Mama in a Stitch.

[Photo: Mama in a Stitch.]


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