Cross Stitch Patterns to Celebrate Holi

Holi is a colorful Hindi festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Sounds like a great thing to commemorate, right?

If you’re looking for some India-inspired cross stitch patterns for Holi and beyond, I’ve got you covered. (It’s actually not that easy to search for Holi cross stitch patterns, because Google thinks you’ve misspelled a different word. So here’s my small attempt to give the world what they’re actually searching for!

This elephant definitely qualifies as a Holi cross stitch pattern because it is surrounded by colorful splotches of throwing powder. It measures a whopping 215 by 200 stitches, which is 15.36 by 14.29 inches on 14-count fabric. After all that work you’ll want it on display year round! It calls for 22 colors and you can get the pattern from Light Unicorn Designs on Etsy.

Satsuma Street has a lovely collection of cross stitch patterns inspired by different countries, and the India cross stitch design would be a great addition to your decor for Holi or any other time of year. The pastels just look like a Holi celebration! It combines landmarks from around the country into a hoop that measures 8.75 by 8 inches in 14 count or 6.75 by 6 inches using 18 count fabric.

And make sure you check out this India cross stitch pattern from Stitches Lovers Shop on Etsy. This one features the Taj Mahal at sunset and is worked in the shape of India. This project is 170 by 191 stitches, or 12.1 inches by 13.6 inches if you use 14 count fabric. It required 17 different colors to make the stunning sunset and reflection in the water.

A couple of years ago I shared this pretty mandala cross stitch pattern, which is another great option for Holi cross stitch. It uses eight colors, and you can choose to use the palette suggested in the pattern or go with your favorite colors or whatever suits your decor.


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