Cross Stitch Tip: How to Blend Colors of Floss

The other day I posted about a Mardi Gras cross stitch pattern that included a couple of different blends of floss.

This actually isn’t something I’ve ever done when cross stitching (I’m still pretty basic when it comes to the things I stitch!) but it’s a really cool idea and an easyish way to get a blend of colors from thread you might already be using in the pattern instead of trying to find another color of thread that coordinates.

I wasn’t exactly sure how it was done, and I thought you all might be wondering, too, so I did a little investigating and I thought I would share what I found.

It makes sense that the way you would do it, as described by this post from Gathered, is just to divide however many strands of floss you need among the different colors.

So if you’re blending colors in a project where you are stitching with two strands of floss, and you want to combine two colors, you would take one strand of each color of floss and hold them together to stitch.

This is why I said it’s easyish, because pulling out just one strand and then getting it to behave with a strand of a different color can be a little tricky. Once you’ve got them threaded on the needle and knotted together they should be a little easier to handle.

Blending threads of different color is also a fun way to add a touch of metallic to your projects without having full metallic stitches. Some people don’t like working with metallic thread, so combining it with a regular kind of floss can make it a little easier to work with.

If you want to see that in action or learn a lot more about how to blend thread colors and what it looks like in a project, check out this great video from Peacock & Fig.

Have you ever used color blending in a project? I’d love to hear about it!

[Photo: Gathered.]


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