Cute Food Cross Stitch Patterns

Admittedly, I’m pretty basic when it comes to cross stitching. Most of the time I only use plain, single color, cotton thread. I have been know to use multicolored thread occasionally. It is really fun, as long at the parts you’re stitching don’t have to be a particular color — I love it for geometric designs, for example.

I have never used a blend, and if we’re being honest I’m a little afraid of glittery cross stitch thread because it has such a bad reputation!

But I know there are reasons you might want to or need to use different types of embroidery floss or cross stitch thread. Most basically, you might choose a different thread to give you different effects. Some threads are thicker or thinner than others, and some have a different sheen or texture. Using different threads can help you to create different looks in your cross stitch projects. (Even that glittery stuff.)

Even if your project doesn’t call for different kinds of thread, you can always experiment with different types to get a different look. Try using different threads to see how they look in your projects. You may be surprised at the results!

If you don’t know what different kinds of thread are available or what they might be used for, check out this post and podcast all about the different kinds of DMC threads used for cross stitch and what the differences are. Hannah Hand Makes looks at a variety of thread types including the standard stranded cotton, light effects, glitter, satin and variegated thread.

It’s always fun to try new things, so whether you seek out patterns that uses these threads specifically or just decide to try them out on your own in different projects, you are sure to learn something and have a little fun along the way.

Any tips on using the different kinds of cross stitch thread? I’d love to hear them.

[Photo via Hannah Hand Makes.]


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