DIY Christmas Garlands For Your Home

Decorating at Christmas time can be quite overwhelming for some people, but with garlands, you can hang a long garland in one space and easily fill the room with festive cheer. These tutorials below all show you how to make your own Christmas-themed garlands, whether they be for a doorway, porch, or wrapped around your tree, all of them are easy to follow and can be adapted to suit your DIY budget.

The cheapest way to create a full garland is be a link, twisting smaller thinner ones together, a new craft hack that is popular right now is wrapping a pool noodle with tinsel for a thick garland look. Pool noodles can be bent into any shape.  Check out this tutorial on our sister craft site that shows you how to make an oversized door wreath 

DIY Mirror Christmas Garland from

DIY Christmas Lights Paper Garland from

DIY Merry Christmas Garland from

Stunning, Simple DIY Wood Bead Christmas Garland from

Upcycle Packaging Into A Gingerbread Garland from

Gorgeous And Full DIY Christmas Garland from

Inexpensive DIY Christmas Garland from

DIY Christmas Garland With Vintage Ornaments from

Christmas Garland With Tassels from

Dollar Store Holiday Garland DIY from

DIY Rustic Christmas Garland from

Christmas Garland With Paper Holly Leaves from

Handmade Magnolia & Gilded Pinecone Christmas Garland from

DIY Holly Light Bulb Garland from

DIY Holiday Tassel Garland from

Giant Paper Holly Garland from

DIY Dried Orange Slice Garland from

Bubble Puff Crochet Garland Tutorial from

DIY Holly Christmas Garland from

DIY Wool Felt Leaf Garland from


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