Easter Chick Cross Stitch Patterns

There are so many cute characters and images that are available for stitching in the spring. These spring chick Easter cross stitch patterns are (mostly) easy, colorful and cute and great to display in the springtime.

If you’re a beginner looking for a cute chick pattern to stitch, this easy one from Bella Rose Craft on Etsy is a great option. The shapes of the chick and the tulip are easy to follow, it only uses five colors, and is the perfect size to fit in a 4-inch hoop.

This Chick in Egg pattern from Cyberstitchers allows you to choose the color you want the egg to be. It’s solid in this version but you could also add stripes or other simple designs if you wanted. Or try stitching it with a variegated thread to give it a bit of a dyed look. The pattern is 96 by 94 stitches.

These funny Easter chickens breaking out of their eggs are so colorful and cute, and again you could change up the colors of the shells to suit your decor if you wanted. This design, from Liolia Craft Shop on Etsy, calls for 26 colors and is 88 by 115 stitches. You could also just stitch a single chicken if you need a smaller project.

Cute Patterns by Maria has several cute chick cross stitch patterns, but I really like this chick in a teacup one. It’s design area is 42 by 39 stitches, and it uses 19 colors. It’s about 8 by 7.5 inches stitched on 14 count fabric and would just be so cute hanging in your kitchen around Easter time!

If you’re looking for something a little more detailed and realistic, Laser Art Designs has this stunning watercolor Easter chicks cross stitch pattern. This one is 199 by 211 stitches, or 14.2 by 15.1 inches on 14 count fabric. Maybe start this one now for next Easter! If you’re up for a challenge this one is definitely worth your time.


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