Easy Mother’s Day Gifts for Kids to Make

I always love seeing posts on social media from moms with little kids who fill out Mother’s Day questionnaires with hilarious answers. They almost read like Mad Libs sometimes, and I think that’s an ever better keepsake when the answers are off the wall than when they make sense. (The ones my daughter did when she was that age were mostly sweet and accurate.)

Doing Mother’s Day printables is a fun activity for a classroom (as long as everyone in the room has a mom in their life) or to do with your own kids for mom or grandma.

The Incremental Mama has printables for both mom and grandma that include space for a drawing and a few simple questions. Kids can fill them out themselves or with help from an adult for little ones.

Coupons Are Great has a similar printable questionnaire for Mother’s Day with a bigger space for drawing.

This I Love You Mom coloring page from Views from a Stepstool includes a section kids can fill out with things that make mom special. The printable pack has a bunch of different options for what you might call mom or grandma (including mommy, mum, gran, etc.) so you can use the term you like best or that your kiddo uses.

Mindy Makes has a simple all about mom printable in color and black and white so kids can color it in themselves if they want to. These questions should get some really sweet answers.

Use the printable by itself for a quick Mother’s Day project, or do like Happy Home Fairy did and combine the printable with a handprint flower and photo (or some other art made by the child) to make it even more special.

Use these printables as they are or read the questions and make up your own questionnaire with your favorites. Either way you’re sure to learn something new about your kiddo and what they think about you!


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