Felted wreaths! Inspiration for all seasons!


Today I was searching for something a bit different than our usual tutorial.  I’m sure many of us have been felting for a while or perhaps have tried a few different projects so something inspiring was more what I wanted today.

These wreaths are created in a fun workshop thorough Bless this Mess, London.  Where the ladies got together and created felted pieces over polystyrene bases.  What I liked about them was how different they all are, and the few photos actually pretty much tell you how they did them so almost a tutorial! 🙂

You could make these for any season or occasion though, I thought, so a really fun project to do with children or for a theme.  Perhaps you want something for Christmas or Easter, maybe you have the task of decorating for an occasion or perhaps the kids would love to make these as gifts for the family!

Whatever you decide to make of these ideas I’m sure you can come up with something unique and fun to create and share.


I love the autumn vibes I get from this one!  Perhaps some wet felted leaves or some store bought mushrooms and holly decorations.  How about heading out into nature for some sticks and leaves as well?  Add a felted pumpkin perhaps!  These can go so many different directions!

To find the photos and see the items they used head over to Bless this Mess, London at the link here!

Happy Felting!


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