Free Crochet Pattern – Flowers in the Dell Baby Blanket

Welcome to the wonderful world of baby blanket making! You may have noticed I am a little obsessed with baby blankets at the moment.

One of my favorite patterns to work on is the Red Heart Flowers in the Dell Blanket. This classic granny square blanket is a perfect way to show off your crochet skills and create a beautiful and cozy gift for a new baby.

The pattern calls for the use of a super bulky yarn

, which makes this blanket a quick and satisfying project to work on. The yarn is also soft and cozy, making it the perfect choice for a baby blanket. The pattern features a variety of pretty colors that work together to create a beautiful floral design, which makes this blanket a perfect choice for a nursery.

Here are my top five tips for making this baby blanket:

Make a gauge swatch before starting. It’s important to make sure your stitches match the pattern’s gauge so that your blanket will be the correct size.

Use stitch markers to keep track of your stitches. This will help you keep your place in the pattern and ensure that your blanket turns out correctly.

Take your time and enjoy the process. Baby blankets are a great project for relaxing and unwinding, so take your time and enjoy the process of making it.

Use a good quality yarn. A high-quality yarn will ensure that your blanket is soft, cozy, and durable, making it the perfect gift for a new baby.

Block your blanket before gifting. Blocking will help to even out the stitches and give your blanket a professional finish.

In conclusion, The Red Heart Flowers in the Dell Blanket is a perfect project for anyone looking to create a beautiful and cozy baby blanket. The pattern is easy to follow, and the end result is a beautiful, high-quality blanket that any new parent would be thrilled to receive. So grab your crochet hook, some yarn and start creating a special gift for a new baby today!


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