Free Tutorials for Making Trivets and Coasters!


I just love when I get to make something creative and it also has an awesome purpose!  So these trivets totally fulfill that need to be making things that I will actually use or will be useful to someone I might want to gift them to!

While searching for great tutorials for you I’ve come across some super colourful and quite unique styles for these table saving pot mats!  I hope you will enjoy the fun projects and thorough instructions as I always try to find the ones with the most info for you!

This awesome tutorial is all visual, so while it’s not from an english speaking tutor, it’s all just visual so anyone can follow along.  These super colourful trivets look like so much fun to make and she shows you can make them with children as well as hers pitch in to help.


Lila Griffith shows how to make these simple but effective trivets from balls, which I’m sure you know, there are so many things you can make with wool beads (I wonder if you can also make them with the spiral ones above?)  Check out her web page here to find the tutorial!

How about wet felting over a cork coaster or mat?  In this tutorial you will see wool being felted over these little cork coasters!  This shows you can felt over other things, sizes, shapes etc.  So if you have something you would like to felt over, check out this video for inspiration!

Easy Felted Coaster - Kid Project

Here’s another one for the kids!  How cute is it to have useful items in the house that your kids or grandkids made?  If your child enjoys creating and can stay interested in something like this for long enough to actually felt it (perhaps you can finish it off if it needs it) then this cute project is for you!  Check out the web page here for the tutorial.

autumn felted coasters

If you want to make something with a bit of a theme or a pattern, check out this idea from  In this tutorial she shows you how to get this neat autumn leaf effect on a large piece of felt and then create smaller coasters that match.  You could cut these to any size or shape so this would be a really useful way to make a set of coasters, trivets or a combination of things.  I would suggest making them a bit thicker for trivets though.  Check out the tutorial at the webpage here

DIY woven felt coaster with Gorilla Glue

Perhaps you have a stash of premade felt that you already created or stocked up on.  This project would be perfect for you!  Or maybe it would be fun for older children to learn how to weave these neat coasters as gifts as well.

Over at The Crafty Gentleman you will find the full instructions to make these awesome coasters and I don’t know what it is about weaving, perhaps it’s because we used to do it in school, but I just love it!  🙂  These are super simple for the beginner, just weave and glue together.  If you are using home made felt sheets though you might like to needle felt them or even wet felt them afterwards.  Check out the tutorial here to get you started!

I hope you enjoyed these useful and interesting projects!  Variety like this always gets me inspired to try something new and I hope it does for you too!  Thanks for checking them out and

Happy Felting!


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