Fun Cable Knitting Patterns to Boost Your Skills

I’ve always wanted to knit up or otherwise craft a shawl cuff for myself, but it’s on the long list of projects I haven’t gotten to yet. A shawl cuff is a little piece of fabric or leather with a button or snap closure you can use to hold your shawl in place.

Of course shawl pins are great, too, but sometimes when you have a really big shawl, a shawl cuff is a great way to corral it. I’ve wanted one to make wearing my Find Your Fade shawl a little more manageable, because it’s such a big piece of knitting and the ends are short, so it’s easy for it to get loose and slip off your shoulders.

I was reminded of this the other day when I saw the Knitted Cuff pattern from Alison Kip on Ravelry. This little knit sleeve has bobble buttons to help you secure it around your shawl, and there are two different sizes depending on how much shawl you need to hold in place.

While looking on Ravelry I also found the All Used Up Cuff by Julia-Maria Hegenbart, which is a simple knit piece with a button closure. It’s worked with two strands of yarn held together, so it’s a great way to use up leftovers from knitting a shawl (thus the name).

If you don’t want to knit your own shawl cuff, there are plenty of places you can buy one to suit your tastes. I love this Celtic knot one from Sunrise Grove on Etsy, but if you like a plainer version, check out these from Noble Buffalo and Third Branch.

And since I mentioned shawl pins above, that’s another great option and there are tons of them available on Etsy, too. Some of my favorites come from JK Foster, Genna Pins and Bent Spoon Jewelry.


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