Grab This Fun Activity Book for Knitters for Your Next Trip

If the holidays have you traveling at all, or you need something to do when your family descends on your house, check out the Knitting Activity Book by Debbi Deitke.

This book has more than 100 knitting-themed puzzles including:

  • word searches
  • crosswords
  • word scrambles
  • matching
  • word ladders
  • logic puzzles
  • trivia
  • crytograms
  • mazes
  • picture comparisons
  • drawing puzzles

There are also bonus number puzzles at the back that don’t have anything to do with knitting but are still fun.

This book is a fun way to combine your favorite craft with some different mental exercises. It’s great for a road trip or a gift of a knitter in your life (there’s a crochet version, too).

You can order the book from Amazon.

[Photo: Debbie Deitke.]


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