Halloween Kitty Project

Needle Felt Halloween Kitty

Looking for something a bit different to create for your Halloween this year? How about a super cute Halloween Kitty?

Felted Halloween Kitty Tutorial

This super fun project is actually a 2fer!  Not only can you make the kitty but they have a second project tutorial for the ‘Jack-O-Lantern’ bowl as well!  Jack-O-Lantern Bowl Instructions

Halloween needle felted jack o'lantern candy bowl

I love how they have set up this tutorial with step by step photos and instructions to make it as easy as possible for you to follow along and create your own, fun Halloween pieces.  These would be so sweet on a table, or for children to use or play with.  What a great gift they would also be, you could make each one slightly different, how many Lantern faces can you come up with?

The kitty project has the most unusual ears I’ve seen in a felted kitty or in fact for any ears made for a critter.  The tutor shows you how to make a cube and then cut it in two to create your unusually shapped kitty ears!

This project is also felted over a core so after you have created this all in one colour you are shown how to cover your work in the desired colour!  This is a great tip if you are low on fibres and want to conserve how much you use in a project, especially if you have plenty of core fibre you can use up!

I think you will have a lot of fun creating this cute kitty for Halloween and probably for any time of year if you have a cat lover in your family or friend group.  Projects that teach you new things as well as help you create something a bit different are tops in my book so grab your needles and fibre and enjoy making something this Halloween season, you might even have older children who would enjoy making these with you!

Happy felting!


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