Help Birds in Winter with Birdseed Ornaments

Making birdseed ornaments and peanut butter pinecones are classic winter crafts that help the wildlife that visits your yard or school.

This tutorial from Fireflies and Mudpies is super simple to follow, only has three ingredients, and doesn’t include corn syrup, which isn’t good for birds. You can use a variety of seeds for these to attract different birds to your yard.

While you’re making crafts for wildlife, check out this idea for making wreaths for birds and other critters. The link in the post doesn’t work anymore, but you can kind of get the idea from the photo. Use flexible vines to make the wreath, build it up with leaves, moss or small sticks, and use peanut butter and bird seed to make it into a feeder.

And if you want to make some bird crafts while making crafts for birds, why not make some craft stick birds? Or maybe some birds with nests made out of pine needles. And while you’re out gathering natural materials, you can build your own bird nests, too.


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