How to Create a Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame Wall Hanging

How to macram

A question that frequently comes up when you’re working with an intricate, time-consuming or simply interesting project is how to macrame. Macrame is a technique in which the leader makes a loop with their looped cord by wrapping yarn around it and then looping the yarn through themselves. There are a number of ways to do this, but the most simplistic is by pulling the knot. It works better if you leave the knot loose until the very end of the string. To start with, the leader should be holding the yarn securely at the top of the project. This will prevent any slipping.

Once all the strands are connected, the leader should have a thumb turn, so that the loose end of the cord can hang downwards without catching on anything. By sliding the thumb down the strand of yarn, you should be able to get a good hold for a length of about six inches or so. After securing the knot, you can start working on your macrame wall hanging.

In order to pull the project through the loops, you need to make sure that your knot is tightened enough. You can do this with a simple knotting tool, or you can use some pliers. Once you have it tight enough, you need to slide the excess yarn through the knot, slide the knot off, and repeat the process for the remaining loops on the end of the cord. Once the project is complete, you can now hang the completed macrame cord from your wall using the included hook. How to macrame projects like this one are sure to fascinate you for years to come!

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