How to Make a Cross Stitch Pattern into a Bag

Decorate your home for Easter with these cute little bunnies – you can use plastic canvas to turn them into charms, keychain pendants or even fridge magnets!

The free pattern designed by Nadezda Gavrilenkova uses the DMC color palette, the recommended canvas count being 14. A single bunny is 18 by 36 stitches, or about 1.4 by 2.8 inches. The patterns are mostly whole cross stitches, with backstitching used for facial features and to outline the bunnies.

You can stitch them on regular canvas and cut them out, or use plastic canvas for a bit more durability. On regular canvas you could make them into little ornaments for an Easter tree, patches to wear on a jacket, or stick a magnet to the back.

The plastic canvas version would be great as a keychain or a magnet, or if your kid loves backpack bling as much as mine does, make it into a pin or add a hook so they can attach it to their backpacks.

You could also just stitch it on regular canvas and not cut it out for a cute mini frame project. Or stitch a bunch with different patterns and frame them together!

The pattern is available as a free download from Wizardi.

You can find more cute Easter bunny cross stitch patterns here. Or mix up your minis and add some of these little Easter cross stitch patterns along with this one to make your own little sampler or to decorate the edge of an apron, add to napkins for the table, or use in any other way you like! (Here are even more Easter minis for you so have fun playing with all these little patterns.)


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