How to Make Perfect Pom Poms

Pom poms add the perfect little something extra to a lot of projects. It’s a no-brainer to put a pom pom on the top of a hat, but you can also use them to decorate scarves, bags, the bottom of a skirt or in all sorts of other ways.

(And of course pom poms don’t even have to be used on knitting projects! They’re a great way to use extra yarn and make a garland, decorate gifts, or whatever else you might like to do with them.)

It’s not always easy to make a yarn pom pom that looks great. I think the key is mostly to use way more yarn that you think you need to, and make sure you tie the center really tight so it doesn’t fall apart.

Need more advice? LA Creative Mama has a post about how to make the best pom poms. She uses two methods:a u-shaped pom pom maker (similar to this one) as well as a cardboard cutout, which is great if you don’t already have a pom pom maker handy.

I wrote a post about different ways to make pom poms a few years ago that covers a few other methods of making them, including:

  • using a round pom pom maker like this one
  • making a cardboard template
  • using cardboard tubes
  • making a pom pom with your hands (this method is great for super bulky or jumbo yarn, or if you’re making a faux fur pom pom out of furry yarn)
  • using a Loome tool (this is a specific u-shaped pompom maker that came with a book all about different ways you use the pom poms)

Whatever way you make them, you’ll probably find making pom poms to be a soothing and fun way to use up some extra yarn, and you’ll be looking for reasons to use these cute yarn balls on every project!

[Photo: LA Creative Mama.]

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