How to Market and Sell Your Handmade Goods!

How to make a living from selling your crafts - a complete guide - Talented Ladies Club

You may just be here because you enjoy making things with your hands, and that’s certainly me as well, but I have been selling my work for over 20 years now in various place.  The world has definitely changed in that time and if you want to sell and stay on top of the best ways to do that, you have to keep researching and staying on top of the best places and methods.

I decided to look up some advice on this topic today after loosing a sales avenue I had been counting on.  So disheartening and it would seem that the items I was planning to make for this store aren’t even worth making now as I have no where else to sell such creations.  So what to do now?  Get back online and check out some excellent advice.  And when I came across this page I was encouraged to keep trying as the advice here is so real and down to earth it gives you definite hope and a clear path to try again, or start out if that’s where you are!

DIY Needle Felting Tutorial. Create Romeo Rabbit by Liza image 1

You might try Etsy as I have!

The advice I’m referring to is from a page I found over at the Talented Ladies Club, you can find the link here!

You will find excellent first hand advice on local and online places to sell, what to consider before you go live and other tips you might never have thought of.  The clever lady contributing to this article is Miranda Law, who creates and sells her own gorgeous lampshades and shares her journey and lessons learned.

Some of her gorgeous work!

I hope you will be encouraged to carry on, as I have been today.  It’s not easy to put yourself out there, and generally there aren’t many of us that can take the hard knocks on our lovingly made creations and just carry on.  I’ve developed a thicker skin over the years for sure, but I still have my ‘what’s the point’ days, like today!  What is the point?  I love creating, so why let it matter what happens to them next, just make because you love it, and look at where to sell them when you are in the right frame of mind for it.  So, baring that in mind, if you are feeling a bit stingy today, you might want to just bookmark this and come back to it when you are feeling some drive to get in there and market your gorgeous creations.

There is definately a market for almost anything, and I’ve had creations I have really not liked that have sold really fast, so everyone has different tastes and there will be people out there for what you do as well.

Happy reading, and happy felting! 😉


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