How to Needle Felt a Guinea Pig plus bonus techniques!

I just love a project with a bonus!  For this one I’ve put together this great tutorial from Fit to Be Loved for making their cute guinea pig, and then an awesome video series they have produced for making long fur coats on animals.  So you can really create a wonderful, fluffy guinea pig with these two complimentary teachings!

The tutorial takes you through step by step with photos and instructions, you can find those here:  Guinea Pig Tutorial

And the video series shows you how to create a soft, fluffy coat on a donkey but of course the instructions can be applied to any animal.  You can find that series at the link here:  How to Needle Felt Long Fur

Needle felted donkey (9)

I hope you will enjoy these great free resources from Fit to be Loved!  They have a bunch of other free tutorials there so do check them out!

Happy felting!


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