Knit a Sweater as Comfy as a T-Shirt

I love a good raglan sweater. It’s my go-to silhouette if I’m knitting a sweater for myself, and I’m drawn to this style in other people’s patterns as well.

The Brooklyn Raglan from Tori Yu looks like a great pattern for raglan lovers or those who might want to be converted into loving this style of sweater.

The body is Stockinette but the sleeves have textured stitching, which reflect how this style of shirt is often made with contrasting sleeves. It also has a sweet curved hem and is meant to be worn with a leisurely 2-8 inches of positive ease.

It comes in 9 sizes up to a 66 inch chest measurement, and you can get the pattern on Ravelry.

[Photo: Tori Yu.]

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