Knit a Sweater with Shocking Stripes

As much as I love my classic sweater designs, I also really like to see sweater knitting patterns that bring in a bit of a twist.

The Shocking Stripes sweater by Tori Yu starts as a pretty standard looking, top down, crew neck, circular yoke sweater worked in sport weight yarn.

But then the stripes come in.

These stripes are shocking not just because of their brilliant color (the yarn company calls it Yollo) but also because you’ll be surprised how easy they are to knit. They look like stranded colorwork done with slipped stitches, but it’s actually a broken seed stitch pattern that’s simple to execute.

The pattern is written for nine sizes, ranging from 36 inches to 68 inches in actual finished sweater size. The design is intended to be worn with about 6 inches of positive ease.

You can of course use any colors that you like on this one, and there are some great examples on the pattern page or Ravelry using two more muted colors, or mixing it up so all the stripes are not the same color.

But if you love the colors of the sample shown (the main color, which looks a little beige to me, is called dusty rose, which is a such a fun throwback name!) you can buy a kit from the yarn company she worked with, The Wandering Flock. The kit with the same colors is available on Etsy, or you can check out their Baby Paca yarn in other colors. I think this rust one would be great for this project as well.

Whether you buy the kit or use your own yarn, the pattern is available for purchase from Ravelry.

[Photo: Tori Yu.]


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