KnitPro Acquires Rights to Lantern Moon Brand

Lantern Moon was a company founded in 2001 that produced knitting needles and other tools with the aim of supporting artisans in Southeast Asia. I’m not totally sure of the backstory on what happened with the company, but they stopped posting on their Facebook page in March 2019.

It was recently announced that KnitPro, the company behind Knitter’s Pride and KnitPro brands, had acquired the rights to the Lantern Moon brand and was producing needles under that name again.

According to a news release, Lantern Moon’s founders, Joel and Sharon Woodcock, will have “ongoing business and creative collaboration” in the company.

Joel said that, after visiting the company’s factory in India, “we came away confident that Lantern Moon products would benefit from KnitPro’s production expertise. We were especially pleased to see that the Ebony they will be using in the production of the knitting needles will stay true to the original design.”

While products are listed on their website it doesn’t look like it is possible to order needles or other products directly from them, but you can find information about shops that sell their products on their website.

[Photo via Lantern Moon.]


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