Knitting For Ukraine

How can you help Ukraine?

Ukraine’s citizens have been thrown into a state of war as Russia invaded the country in the early hours of Thursday morning, with explosions heard in the capital and other major cities.

Show your support for Ukraine with this Ukraine Knitting pattern (to be added) We are still trying to locate the best pattern but any rectangle will suffice. Or try this bunting in blue and yellow.

free Ukraine Crochet pattern.

Ukrainians have put together a list of organizations where you can donate to help people affected by the crisis including this one

What crafts can you do to help support Ukraine? Well, it is obviously very early days, but with most wars, the usual items will be called upon, warm clothing and comfort items such as handmade teddys or toys for children who have lost everything and at times their whole families.

Knitting or crocheting items for Ukraine will be required, so plan ahead and grab out your patterns! We can help one stitch at a time.

If you are a sewer check out our Sewing for Charities group here where we will add any charities accepting items for Ukraine as they become available.


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