Knitting Patterns to Celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee

Royalists around the world are set to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee this week, but these royal-inspired patterns are fun to knit and use any time!

As you might expect, British yarn company Rowan has a whole collection of Jubilee knits, which you can check out on Ravelry and buy the ebook of 8 patterns direct from them. I think the bunting is my favorite!

What celebratory spread would be complete without a tiny Queen? This knit Queen Elizabeth is wearing a pretty yellow outfit and a big hat (of course!). You can download the pattern from Knitting by Post.

Or try this Jubilee wreath by Rebecca Roberts, which features the Queen amid flowers, balloons and bunting (and corgis of course!). You can get it on Ravelry.

There’s a royal watch party on this Jubilee wreath from Knit Click Shop. Make all the individual characters for a playset instead if you’d rather. This pattern is on Etsy.

Lorraine Hearn’s Jubilee Butterflies are a fun decoration that can be used for all sorts of patriotic celebrations in nations with read, white and blue on their flags. This pattern (and others in her Jubilee collection) can be found on Raverly.

If there’s anything more British than a tea cozy with the Queen on it, I don’t know what it is. This one from Johns Knits Creations is available on Etsy.

Tom and Beryl’s Jubilee Cake and Bunting is a perfect little decor for the table, with cakes made to fit over chocolate oranges. Check it out on Ravelry.

Susan Cowper also has cute chocolate orange cozies in Jubilee style, with a Queen, crown, corgi, Queen’s Guard, and more. You can also find them on Ravelry.


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