Leaf Lace Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Craft Gossip recently released a baby knitting pattern book, and while it’s not nice to pick favorites when it comes to patterns, I have to say my favorite pattern in the book is probably the leaf lace cardigan.

So many people love the leaf lace design used on this sweater. It’s a classic design that is commonly seen on blankets (like this pattern we have in our store) but I thought it would be fun to make it the back of a sweater instead.

It’s a slightly fiddly pattern because you have to knit each of the leaf pieces separately, then stitch them together, knit along each side of the finished square to make the rest of the body, then stitch the fronts and sleeves.

But I really think the result is well worth it for a special baby. I’m thinking about making one in my size, too.

This is one of the 10 easy knitting patterns for babies you will find in our 10 Easy Baby Knits ebook. There’s also a striped cardigan, a vest, two hats, a pair of socks, a blanket, a snuggle sack and a pair of pants/shorts to knit for little ones up to a year.


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