Learn about Telling Time

It’s just about time for Daylight Saving Time to start in most of the United States (and it’s coming up in other places soon), so it seems like a good time to talk about time.

As an aside, if your kids have trouble with the time change (or you do!) these tips from Tiny Beans might help.

If you want to start talking about time with kids, read The Grouchy Ladybug and use the printables from Math Geek Mama to talk about the times different things happen in the story and different ways to express time (in words, with numbers on a digital clock, and with numbers and the hands of an analog clock). The printables are free in her shop.

Another fun way to talk about time is with these printable playdough mats from This Reading Mama. They include a clock face with no hands and a space for writing a time in numbers. You can give kids a time, they make the hands of the clock with playdough and then put the hands where they need to be for the time you want.

123 Homeschool 4 Me has collected a bunch of great resources for learning about telling time, including games, craft projects and printables. They’re arranged by type of activity and the age of the kids you’re working with.

Proud to Be Primary’s telling time resources focus on telling time in the classroom and what concepts can be taught to different grades of students. The post mostly focuses on resources you can buy in her Teachers Pay Teachers store, which is great if you have a full classroom to teach.

You can also go big with your time telling practice by using a hula hoop as a clock! Check out the ideas at I Know It, and consider how fun this would be to do outside! You could use sidewalk chalk to draw the numbers, and use branches or even the kids themselves as the hands of the clock.


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