Leprechaun Cross Stitch Patterns

The Internet seems to be confused about the difference between leprechauns and gnomes, if my search for leprechaun cross stitch patterns is any indication. Both are mischievous and small creatures from folklore, but gnomes are Germanic in origin while leprechauns are Irish.

And while gnomes can be seen dressed in all sorts of holiday attire (apparently leprechauns can, too, since I found a cross stitch pattern that inexplicably includes a leprechaun dressed as an elephant), it would be more traditional to include leprechauns in your St. Patrick’s Day decor. Here are a few options for leprechaun cross stitch patterns.

This gorgeous design from Ikatshomemade on Etsy is very traditional with the pipe, beard and beer, sitting on a barrel of gold. This is definitely an advanced pattern, as it is 120 by 194 stitches, uses 44 solids and 10 blends, as well as full, half and 3/4 stitches and lots of backstitch details. But this would be a great one to stitch for a lover of Irish folklore.

Another more traditional (and complex) pattern is from Incredible Stitching on Etsy and features a leprechaun with a cauldron of gold. This one is 87 by 112 stitches and uses 53 colors. It uses full and half stitches, as well as back stitching and French knots.

Italia Print has a more cartoony version of the leprechaun to stitch, worked in 14 colors in 67 by 72 stitches. There’s a similar one from Lab Pattern, which is 96 by 100 stitches and uses 16 colors.

Or if you just want a face, check out this design from PionyStitch. It uses nine colors and has a stitching area of 49 by 70 stitches.

The Lucky Leprechaun by Emily Call has a more primitive look, and the added touch of the leprechaun being surrounded by flowers. It’s 60 by 90 stitches and looks so cute as a little pillow, though of course you could frame it if you like.


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