Make a Jump Rope for Summer Fun

This is a fun upcyling project if you have a lot of plastic straws in your house. I used to buy packs of straws from the dollar store and we would use them with playdough and other sensory and art projects, but I never knew what to do with them when we were done.

You can reuse them for a while (not for drinking uses) but when kids are done playing with them you can use them for cutting practice and then make a DIY jump rope with these instructions from And Next Comes L.

This is a really easy and pretty quick project that you can use all summer to get a little more physical activity in.

If you have different colored straws you can throw in some repeating pattern making while you’re at it. So much good stuff! Check out all the details at And Next Comes L.

[Photo: And Next Comes L.]


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