Making Glass eyes and more! How to Get Really Realistic!

DIY: AMAZING ANIMAL EYES - from glass cabochons/ ???????,??? ??? | Polymer clay, Polymer clay tutorial, Polymer clay animals

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, I’m not so sure about that, but it certainly helps to add character, realism and depth to your work if you have spent some quality time creating artistic eyes.

The video I’m sharing here is super basic, I feel like almost anyone could create some really good eyes from the tutorial here, and you can see from her finished work that even a simple eye adds a lot to the creation.

Stonesetting | Nancy L T Hamilton

Working with Cabochons is an easy and cost effective way to make great eyes, they come in different sizes and are the perfect shape for an eye.  Painting the underside you do need to work in reverse with your layers but you will soon pick it up!  And you can just use acrylic paints, no need to glaze the eyes.

So check out the video above for your first lesson in making eyes for your creations.

I do also want to share these more intermediate to advanced level methods for eyes as well, so if you want to go a step or two further with these you can!  I found this wonderful webpage which goes through a number of styles.  Over at Little Owls Hut!

Glass pebbles used in fish tanks

You can find the link to the page here!

I thought it was most interesting to see that she also uses these coloured and more randomly shaped ones as well, you can see a tutorial on the page for those.

There is also a video linked there, it isn’t in English but for the most part I could pick up what she was showing.  It is a very clear video, she uses clay, epoxy, and cabochons as well showing you a huge range of techniques and methods you can try to find the style that works for you.  I highly recommend you have a look at that one.

You will also find a  tutorial for painting with nail polish which made some really great eyes!

24mm German Glass Eyesteddy Beargreen Blue Sparkleglass | Etsy Australia | Hand painted, Blue sparkles, Blue green gold

I really think these kinds of additions to your work just help to take it to the next level!  Because the eyes are so important you can really elevate a quality piece of work into quite the masterpiece, or even a lesser work elevates substantially with the right eyes.

Use these for felted works and more, they are so versatile and work with many mediums.

I hope this will be super useful for you!

Happy felting!


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