Marble Runs and Other Activities with Marbles for Kids

Making your own board games for the classroom or the home is a great way to extend the learning or just personalize a game to make it about your classroom or family or your interests.

While it might seem difficult to make your own board game, there are actually a lot of templates out there that will help you get started. Whether you want to make a sight word Monopoly game, a math facts game or a fun action game where you fill in the blanks, here are some resources to get you started.

If you don’t want to have to come up with the full concept for the game all by yourself, try this printable homemade board game from Twitchetts. It includes a printable game board kids can color in (and you can connect as many as four of them together to make a longer game if you want) as well as printable, fill in the blank action cards (go forward or back x number of spaces, act like a fill in the blank, etc.). You just need dice and markers (mini figures are a great option).

Hobby Lark has a collection of 14 printable game boards you can use for all sorts of projects. There’s a Monopoly style board, trail-like boards similar to Candyland, a Trivial Pursuit board (with customizable game cards), snakes and ladders, a checkerboard and more.

Let your kids design their own games with these printable board game templates from Surviving a Teacher’s Salary. The post suggests using them to have kids design a game based on a book they’ve read, but you could use them in lots of different ways.

And if you just want it all done for you other than the printing, Musings of an Average Mom has collected a bunch of fun printable games you can use. There are games about the weather, sight words, pets, colors and shapes, letters and so much more. You’re sure to find something your kiddos will enjoy here. I love the alphabet slides and ladders game from Tiny Me.


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